What We Develop

By focussing on the workflow rather than the machine, PrintFactory offers a completely new point of view on digital print production and industrial printing. In this environment, PrintFactory becomes the heart of your production offering job preparation and editing, printing, cutting and proofing from one and the same platform.

PrintFactory drives an extensive range of devices from a variety of brands. So if your plant hosts multiple printers and cutters for different applications, PrintFactory is the ideal solution to drive all of it from one platform. This will increase your operator’s efficiency and make them readily interchangeable from machine to machine. With its roots in proofing, PrintFactory’s color technology deliver consistent colour reproduction across several printers and substrates and allows an accurate simulation of large to wide-format production jobs on small (scaled) affordable ink jet printers, avoiding any inefficiencies in production.

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OEM Technology
Aurelon provides technological solutions to OEM partners and offers custom technology development to 3rd party vendors. With those solutions, we can provide digital printing plants performing the best quality, stability and speed. Whether it’s automation, colour management, raster image processing or output to PDF, whether it’s for producing desktop colour proofs, large format prints, nest/gangs or packaging, Aurelon offers the best technology to optimize your solution. If you have any questions building solutions for your RIP, Workflow, PDF or Colour environments, we are willing and able to discuss with you how we can co-operate.

Aurelon Technology

Our technology

Aurelon provides innovative technology for the processing of digital colour information for publishing to any media that requires accurate graphic production, automation and colour output. We provide third party manufacturing companies, producing tools for graphic arts production and colour editing, with technology for their Raster Image Processors (RIP) and Workflows, for generating Portable Document Format (PDF) files, and for Colour Management. Our main goals are doing research for solutions regarding market needs, to develop technology and products based on this technology, and to license technology and products. If you have any questions building solutions for your RIP, Workflow, PDF or Colour environments, we are willing and able to discuss with you how we can co-operate.


Rip and Workflow

Optimize your Raster Imaging Processes and Workflow with extra functionality from Aurelon. learn more



With our own, proprietary PDF engine, Aurelon offers you full control over your PDF documents. learn more


Colour Management

Aurelon enables you to have quality control over colour handling in every type of workflow. learn more

Aurelon Company

Where we come from

Aurelon was founded in 1999 through a merger of VISU Technologies and Dunaway Systems. In May 2011, GMG GmbH & Co. KG, based in Tübingen, Germany acquired all assets of the Aurelon and is now successfully developing and selling a wide range of technologies and products to the graphic arts and sign industry. Corporate Headquarters of Aurelon is based in the Netherlands.

Over the years, Aurelon received many awards for their technology industry leading institutions. Aurelon technology is currently used by many industry leading RIP vendors in the Large Format Printing industry.



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